Welcome, NKD Fan, to the ultimate guide to the reward program! At NKD underwear, we believe in empowering you not only through our premium lingerie but also by offering various rewards and credit programs that enhance your shopping experience.

In this blog, we will dive into the world of loyalty rewards credits, helping you make the most of registration credits, subscriber credits, credits on orders, birthday credits, and referrals to friends. It's time to explore the wonderful world of rewards and benefits that come with being an NKD Fan.


1. Registration Credits

    When you become an NKD Fan, you're immediately rewarded with registration credits. These credits are a token of our appreciation for joining our community. Here's how to make the most of them.
      • Use Them Wisely: Registration credits are a great way to get started on your lingerie journey. Apply them to your first purchase and experience the comfort and style of NKD underwear.
      • Explore New Styles: Why not use your registration credits to try something new? Experiment with different styles and find the perfect fit for you.
    2. Subscriber Credits
      Being an NKD Fan comes with exclusive benefits, including subscriber credits. These credits are earned by subscribing to our newsletter. Here's how to maximize them:
        • Stay Informed: Subscribing to our newsletter not only earns you credits but also keeps you in the loop about our latest collections, promotions, and insider-only deals.
        • Save for Special Occasions: Accumulate your subscriber credits for those special occasions when you want to treat yourself to something extra special from NKDunderwear.
        3. Credits on Orders
        Every time you shop with us, you earn credits on your orders. The more you shop, the more credits you accumulate. Here's how to make the most of them:
            • Frequent Shopper Benefits: Frequent shoppers can enjoy substantial savings with the credits they earn. It's like a little reward every time you indulge in our premium lingerie.
            • Stack and Save: You can stack your earned credits with other promotions, allowing you to save even more on your favorite NKD underwear premium lingerie.
          4. Birthday Credits
          At NKD Underwear, we believe in celebrating you on your special day. That's why we offer birthday credits. Here's how to enjoy them:
              • Pamper Yourself: Your birthday is the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Use your birthday credits to splurge on luxurious lingerie that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
              • Share the Love: If you have enough credits, consider gifting yourself and a friend on their birthday. It's a great way to spread the NKDunderwear love.

              5. Referral to a Friend

              Earn Rewards Together: Refer a friend, and when they make their first purchase, you both earn credits. It's a win-win for you and your friend.

                • Spread the Word: Share your referral link through platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to easily invite your friends to join the NKD Fan community.
              6. Spent Credit Rules Based on Cart Value
              While we want you to enjoy the benefits of your hard-earned credits, we also have some guidelines in place to ensure a fair and balanced system. Customers can spend a maximum of 20% of their total credit from their NKD Fan account on any single order.
                7. Cancellation and Returns
                We understand that sometimes a product might not meet your expectations. In such cases, if you decide to cancel or return your order, the credits you used for that order will be automatically credited back to your NKD Fan account. This way, you won't lose your hard-earned credits even if your purchase didn't work out as expected.
                  At NKD underwear, we value your loyalty and want to reward you for choosing us as your lingerie destination. Our loyalty rewards are designed to enhance your shopping experience and ensure that you make the most of your NKD Fan. So go ahead, indulge in some premium lingerie, and use your credits wisely. We're here to make you feel beautiful from the inside out, every step of the way.
                  NKD Fan!
                  December 08, 2023 — Nisha Bharti